Beach Guide

Romanos Beach

A further 10 minute drive will bring you to this wonderful sweep of golden sand. At first glance you see a concrete car park and often there are camper vans parked along the edge.
However, by walking a little way down the beach you soon find yourself wandering along an empty and beautiful beach backed by natural scrub and trees.

Hrisi Ammos (Golden Sands) beach.

This is a wonderful sandy beach backed by small sand dunes and scrubby bushes. The sand shelves very gently into the sheltered water, an ideal beach for young children.

Panoramic View

Velikas Beach

This long sweep of sandy beach faces south and nestles in the arms of the two peninsulas of the Mani and Messinian County. It is about a 15 minute drive and is probably our favourite beach. The area we go to even has a small river flowing out into the sea, and in the early summer evenings we have heard nightingales singing in the trees along the river bank. It is an amazingly beautiful and peaceful location, backed entirely by farmland. There is an area of Eucalyptus trees for shade if the sun is too hot, but the gentle breeze usually keeps the temperature on this beach comfortable. At one end there is a beach bar which is open in high summer.

Panoramic View

When we first visited the area in February 2004, we found the beaches amazing- great sweeps
of sand with stunning views and not a soul on them. When we returned in July/August, we expected the beaches to be just as beautiful but full of people. We were astonished to find them just as empty as they had been in February! Without a doubt, the quality and variety of nearby beaches is probably the most compelling reason to visit the area, though there are many others.

Below is a sample of just a few of the very many nearby beaches all within easy reach,
starting with the nearest.
Makrinamos Beach

There are two beaches in our local village of Kalamaki. One,Kalamaki Beach, is very small and the other is a marvellous sandy beach backed by low cliffs and with a lovely view across to the Mani on the far side of the bay. The beach is 5 minutes drive and 25 minutes walk.

Panoramic View

Voidokilia Beach

This beach is famous for being the most beautiful beach in Greece! it is an amazing horseshoe shaped beach with a lagoon behind it, making one of the most unusual and dramatic settings for a beach you are ever likely to see. There are two ways of approaching the beach. You can park in a small car park right at the end of the road that backs Hrisi Ammos beach. You can walk up to Paleokastro from here and from the old castle you will get the best view of Voidokilia beach. Alternatively you can walk an easy path alongside the lagoon, pausing to watch the wildlife as you go. This walk takes you about half an hour and brings you to some large sand dunes at the back of the beach.

The other approach takes a little finding driving down the narrow country lanes to the Northern end of the beach, but there you will find a large car park and you can walk straight onto the beach.
Because of its reputation, this beach can get quite busy in high season, but is still quiet outside of August and the end of July.

These are just a handful of the beaches in the area, there are many more, and the link given to you for the panoramic views shows many others also within easy reach. But to really see the beaches you need to be here!

Panoramic View

Chrani (Hranoi) Beach

A ten minute drive will bring you to the long sandy beach at nearby Chrani. This beach has several bars and cafes and you can rent sun loungers and sun umbrellas if you wish. It tends to have a few more people on it than most of the other local beaches.

Panoramic View

A half an hour easy and very pretty drive will take you to the west coast and its beaches,
there we have several marvellous beaches.