Meet The Crew

We are both very enthusiastic sailors and have thoroughly enjoyed our sailing in and around the Solent for the past 5 years, both on our own and when we have taken groups out sailing.


We take great pleasure in sharing our love for sailing with our guests and giving them the trip that they dream of.  Some like to come just to relax and be looked after Ė others enjoy the challenge of learning a new activity and take great pleasure in joining in with all the sailing, or refreshing a love they already have for the pastime.

We are very excited to be able to transfer our sailing from the very busy and, letís face it, often rather chilly waters of the Solent, to the beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea and the quiet waters of the Messinian Gulf.

On board Rendezvous Cliff is the skipper and host and Quee is the mate and the hostess- preparing food for you and keeping you supplied with snacks and drinks.