Polylimnia (many lakes)

This is a series of small lakes and waterfalls set in a wooded gorge about 20 minutes drive from the villas, and we would highly recommend a visit to this amazingly beautiful place during your stay. It is well signposted and easy to find. There is a car park and quite a steep walk down a path to the river.

You then make your way upstream via bridges and along paths through the rocks past several small falls and limpid pools, dancing with butterflies and damsel flies, until you reach the largest waterfall. Some people enjoy taking a plunge into the cool turquoise water of the pool.

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Kalamata is a large city and port about 40 minutes drive from the villas. It has all the shops you could imagine, plus a modern hospital on the outskirts of the town and a fine

The town has a character all of its own- the main square is large and has many bars and cafes, plus banks and stylish shops all around. There is an old railway with many old engines set in gardens with streams and pools.

The sea front is a wonderful place for a lively atmosphere, plenty of bars and tavernas line the front and run along the back of the beach.

if you walk past the port you will arrive at the marina where there are several good tavernas and the marina bar itself is a lovely place to have a drink and snack.

Further information on Kalamata can be found on this web link.

 The Taygetos Mountains and the Mani

To the east of Kalamata on the opposite shore from us is a wonderful mountainous area with stunning views of the sea and lovely old villages. There are some well known resorts on this coast, such as Stoupa and Kitries, with correspondingly larger crowds, but it is well worth a day out. Towards the south of the peninsula are some caves that we hope to be able to visit on our day trips on our yacht. But you could drive to them to visit.

The website for the Diros Caves is here.

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